These are the 10 scariest rides in the world, dare you try them?

These are the 10 scariest rides in the world, dare you try them?

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 Trip It – There are many types of tourists when spending vacation time outside the city or abroad.

Some people enjoy walking around and enjoying the city views, tasting local cuisine, and many more.

But for those who like extreme activities, this activity is very boring.

To relieve boredom, they usually look for recreational parks that offer adrenaline-inducing rides, such as roller coasters.

List of the Most Extreme Rides in the World

If you are one of them, here are some recommendations for extreme rides that you must try while on holiday abroad.

1. Colossus Ten-Loop Rollercoaster at Thorpe Park

Colossus Ten-Loop Rollercoaster at Thorpe Park
  • Alamat: Thorpe Park, Staines Rd, Chertsey KT16 8PN, United Kingdom

Colossus is a roller coaster located in Thorpe Park, England. This ride is the main attraction for visitors to Thorpe Park.

Built by the Lichtenstein company and designed by Werner Stengel, this roller coaster is a replica of the Monte Makaya roller coaster in Brazil.

This 30 meter high roller coaster has a very challenging area, where passengers are invited to somersault 10 times.

When you are at the top, this ride may feel long. 

In fact, this roller coaster train has a speed of 72 km/hour, so the duration of the ride only takes 1 minute 32 seconds.

2. Scream (Gyro-Drop-Tower), Hyde Park

Scream (Gyro-Drop-Tower)
  • Address : Heide Park 1, 29614 Soltau, Germany

For those who dare with heights, there is one interesting ride that you must try while on holiday to Germany, namely the Scream or Gyro-Drop-Tower in Heide Park.

This ride provides the sensation of jumping from a height of 71 meters at a speed of 100 km/hour.

It is very scary and terrifying. But this ride allows visitors to experience the experience that professional skydivers often feel.

3. Insanity Ride – Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

Insanity Ride
  • Address : 2000 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States

Insanity is one of the extreme rides located at The Strat, Las Vegas, Nevada.

This 270 meter high ride will invite passengers to see the view from a height.

To provide a thrilling sensation, the passenger seat will be tilted 70 degrees facing down and will be spun around at a speed of 40 mph.

4. Kingda Ka di Six Flags Great Adventure

Kingda Ka di Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Address : 1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527, United States

For roller coaster fans, there is one ride that is a must try , namely Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure.

This ride is very famous in the United States. How could it not be?

Riders of this ride will be taken to a height of 139 meters or the equivalent of a 45-story building.

Upon arrival, the train carrying hundreds of passengers will roll at a speed of 206 km/hour in 3.5 seconds.

5. Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland

Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland
  • Alamat : 5 Chome-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0301, Japan

Eejanaika is a four-dimensional hypercoaster located at Fuji-Q, Fujiyoshida, Japan.

This roller coaster designed by S&S Arrow has a design where the seats can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Not only that, this roller coaster also has several quite thrilling paths, such as 180 degree turns, descents of up to 65 meters, up to a slope of 89 degrees.

What’s more interesting is that all of these thrilling routes will be traversed by vehicles with a maximum speed of 126 km/hour.

6. Big Shot, The STRAT Hotel

Big Shot, The STRAT Hotel
  • Address : 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States

Big Shot is one of the interesting rides at The STRAT Hotel.

This 281 meter high ride will invite passengers to see the view of the city of Las Vegas from a height.

Upon arrival at the peak, passengers will be shocked when the vehicle suddenly drops from a height of 281 meters down at a speed of 72 km/hour in 0.35 seconds.

7. Giant Canyon Swing

Giant Canyon Swing
  • Address : 51000 Two Rivers Plaza Road, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, United States

For those who like to play on swings but want to find a ride that stimulates adrenaline , you can try the Giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

This swing is built at an elevation of 2,200 on the Glenwood Springs mountain with stunning natural views.

To provide an extraordinary sensation of tension, this swing was built at the end of the land to provide the experience of playing on a swing at the edge of a cliff.

8. X2 (X), Six Flags Magic Mountain

X2 (X), Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Address : 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355, United States

X2 is the world’s first 4D rollercoaster offering a unique gaming experience.

The train seat can be adjusted 360 degrees fore and aft and does not depend on the main chassis.

This ride has two areas that are quite challenging for the passengers’ adrenaline, such as skydive, raveturn, and twisting front flip.

To get your adrenaline pumping, this roller coaster will rotate 360 ​​degrees when the game starts.

9. Fahrenheit, Hershey Park

Fahrenheit, Hershey Park
  • Address : 100 Hersheypark Dr, Hershey, PA 17033, United States

Next is Fahrenheit, an exciting roller coaster ride located in Hershey Park, United States.

This roller coaster has a fairly low height, which is 37 meters. But it should not be underestimated.

Because, this rollercoaster will drop its train from a height of 37 meters with a 97 degree incline, a very steep incline in the United States.

After that, the train will travel at a speed of 93 km/hour along a curved track that turns up and down, which can make passengers feel a little nauseous.

10. Superman: Escape From Krypton

Superman: Escape From Krypton
  • Address : 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355, United States

For those who want to try riding a roller coaster with a different concept, you can try riding Superman : Escape From Krypton.

This roller coaster will take passengers sitting in the opposite direction, so they can’t see the thrilling track.


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