5 Cheapest Tourist Destinations in the World 2024, Pocket Friendly

5 Cheapest Tourist Destinations in the World 2024, Pocket Friendly

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Trip It – A pocket-friendly holiday budget is certainly the dream of tourists. Post Office UK has just released the Holiday Money Report 2024 survey or the latest list of holiday costs for 2024. 

This latest research highlights the list of the cheapest tours in the world in 2024. In this research, the UK Post Office considers several things in determining the list of the cheapest tours for holidays. 

Some of these include analyzing currency strength, local prices and important tourist expenditures in the 40 most popular holiday destinations in the world. Then, the results of this research ranked these tourist destinations based on the prices of basic tourist needs. 

The prices for basic tourist necessities in question are coffee, beer, cola, wine, water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and three other types of dishes. However, the research results from Post Office UK do not include hotel and plane ticket costs. 

So, where are the cheapest tourist destinations in 2024? Here is the complete review:

1. Hoi An, Vietnam

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Hoi An, Vietnam occupies the first position as the cheapest tourist destination in the world. This is the first time for Vietnam, which previously finished sixth last year.

Based on Post Office UK reports , the total cost of a holiday in Hoi An is estimated at 51.18 pounds sterling or around IDR 1.02 million per day (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 20,102/pound sterling).

2. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Guide | GQ

Next, tourists can visit Cape Town, South Africa for a budget-friendly trip. By visiting Cape Town, you only need to spend 54.35 pounds sterling or the equivalent of IDR 1.09 million per day for basic needs.

3. Mombasa, Kenya 

Diamonds Dream of Africa 5* - Malindi - Fino a -70% | Voyage Privé

Next, still on the African continent, you can visit Mombasa, Kenya. This area offers a beachside destination on the east coast of Africa.

Tourists can vacation in Mombasa with a budget of 54.93 pounds sterling or around IDR 1.10 million per day. Mombasa offers an immersive experience for travelers seeking relaxation and cultural exploration.

4. Tokyo, Japan 

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Tokyo, Japan can also be the right destination for travelers who want to travel on a tight budget. This of course surprises travelers , considering that Tokyo is a bustling and popular metropolitan city.

At a cost of 59.05 pounds sterling or the equivalent of IDR 1.18 million per day for tourism needs, travelers can go on holiday to Tokyo.

5. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve portugal Stok Foto, Algarve portugal Gambar Bebas Royalti | Depositphotos

The Algarve in Portugal is in fifth position as the cheapest tourist destination in the world according to Post Office UK . To visit this area, travelers only need to spend 59.69 pounds sterling or the equivalent of IDR 1.19 million per day.


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