Best Luxury Vacation Destinations 2024 Recommended by Travel Experts

Best Luxury Vacation Destinations 2024 Recommended by Travel Experts

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Trip It – Holidays are becoming an increasingly popular need. There are many holiday destinations, but if you want to experience luxury, travel experts have recommendations. 

Julia Carter, founder of Craft Travel, and Jan Luescher, CEO of travel social network A Small World, have released recommendations for the best luxury travel destinations for 2024.

1. Kateka Lodge, South Africa

South Africa is increasingly in demand due to the recent surge in private safari lodges, according to a statement from Carter. One recommendation is Kateka Lodge, a new wellness safari resort opening in the Kruger National Park in September 2023. Kateka Lodge offers spa services, yoga sessions and a swimming pool for its guests. The cost of a night’s stay for one person at this lodge starts from around 28,800 South African Rand, equivalent to around IDR 23 million based on information from their website. This reflects the growing appeal of South Africa as an exclusive safari destination, with added emphasis on the health and comfort of its guests.

2. Loapi Tent Camping in Tswalu

Carter recommends Loapi Tent Camp in Tswalu, South Africa, as an excellent option. This luxury safari camp offers various activities such as horse riding, bird watching. It also has a luxurious restaurant managed by the famous Michelin chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen. Prices for an overnight stay start at around 46,700 South African rand, or around IDR 37 million per person, as stated on their website.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, as the city center of South Africa, is attractive to tourists who like urban life. One of Carter’s recommendations was to stay at the Cape Grace, a five-star hotel near the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Cape Grace is noted for its combination of historic naval character and striking decor. The hotel was recognized in The Telegraph’s list of the best seaside hotels in Cape Town in 2017. With its strategic location and luxurious facilities, Cape Grace offers a special stay for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Cape Town.

4. Fine dining restaurants La Colombe and FYN

Carter recommends fine dining restaurants La Colombe and FYN in Cape Town for their excellent reputation for serving high-quality dishes that combine elements from Asia and France. Both restaurants are known for their creative menus and exceptional processes, creating unforgettable culinary experiences for diners. Their presence on the World’s Best 100 Restaurants 2023 list shows global recognition for the excellence and culinary innovation they offer.

5. Argentina

Carter named Argentina as the best luxury tourist destination in 2024 thanks to its 5-star accommodation and natural attractions. He recommends staying at Awasi Iguazu, a private villa in the surrounding Atlantic Rainforest with access to Iguazu Falls, the world’s largest. It has 275 waterfalls in a three-mile bay, surrounded by subtropical rainforest rich in flora and fauna. The cost of staying at Awasi Iguazu starts from USD 2,300 United States or around 35 million rupiah per villa with a minimum stay of three nights. It offers a luxurious experience with exclusive nature exploration.

6. French Polynesia

Luescher describes French Polynesia as a top luxury destination for 2024. It offers exclusivity to its visitors. With five archipelagos and 118 islands, this region provides an experience far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The stunning beauty of its coastline sets it apart from other destinations, considered a natural alternative to Hawaii. Lodging in overwater bungalows is infused as a quintessential French Polynesian experience, with Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts and Four Seasons being a top choice for travelers seeking luxury and authentic natural beauty there.

7. Norway 

Norway is a popular cruise ship destination thanks to its natural beauty, including UNESCO-protected fjords, frozen glaciers and stunning forests. A trip around Norway offers a special experience for nature lovers and cruise ship enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy spectacular views from the comfort of a luxury ship.

Leading cruise operators such as P&O, Cunard and Silversea are offering trips to Norway in 2024, indicating growing interest in the destination. Diverse cruise options and high-quality facilities guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience for cruise passengers.

8. Madagascar 

Madagascar is an amazing tourist destination for observing wild animals, including many unique species such as lemurs, chameleons, Tenrecs, fossa and giant chameleons. Although often considered less well-known than Costa Rica, Madagascar offers equally exciting experiences, as Luesche highlights. Apart from having rich biodiversity, Madagascar also offers a variety of accommodation options including luxury hotels, making it a suitable place for tourists who want comfort and luxury during their holiday.

From luxury safari lodges in South Africa to overwater bungalows in French Polynesia, as well as luxury cruise ship experiences in Norway, all destinations promise unforgettable holiday experiences for luxury travelers in 2024.


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