These are the 5 Best Tourist Destinations in the World According to Research

These are the 5 Best Tourist Destinations in the World According to Research

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Trip It – Singer of the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers (RHCP), Anthony Kiedis was seen on holiday in Indonesia, specifically in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra.

Through his band’s official Instagram account, you can see a photo uploaded of Anthony sitting relaxed while smoking tobacco with the people there.

Seeing this, Indonesian netizens flocked to leave comments on the upload.

There are those who are amazed by his simple style, and there are also those who provide recommendations for tourist attractions that Anthony must visit.

List of the Best Tourist Attractions in the World

The Mentawai Islands are one of the interesting tourist attractions in Indonesia which are famous for their exotic beaches and high waves which are suitable for surfing.

Yes, Mentawai Island is a paradise for world surfing lovers because this island has 72 spots with big waves, of which ten have been named  the best surfing spots in the world.

In other words, this island is only famous among surfers. 

It is hoped that the arrival of figures like Anthony in the Mentawai Islands will introduce Indonesian tourist attractions to be better known internationally and become one of the tourist attractions that must be visited in the world.

Talking about the best destinations, have you ever wondered which tourist location is crowned the best in the world? 

For those who are curious, let’s look at the list of the world’s best tourist destinations according to Stasher, which calculates ratings from Google reviews to their level of popularity on TikTok.

1. Hungarian Parliament Building (Hungary)

The best tourist destination in the world, Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament Building is ranked as the best tourist attraction in the world according to Stasher’s assessment, with a score of 7.34/10.

This large neo-gothic and Renaissance style building is actually home to the Hungarian National Assembly.

But because of its magnificent architectural building and overlooking the very beautiful Danube River , the Hungarian Parliament Building is a must-visit tourist attraction in Hungary.

2. Disneyland Paris (France)

Disneyland Paris is one of the best tourist destinations in the world

The second best tourist destination in the world is Disneyland Paris which received a rating of 7.17/10 by Stasher.

This attraction has been very famous since 1992, offering views of the very famous Disney fantasy world.

Even in this place, visitors can meet favorite Disney characters , such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh, Snow White, Tinker Bell, and many others.

Not only that, this place also offers a variety of exciting rides that take concepts or themes from the cartoons it produces.

Some of the most famous rides are Pirates of the Caribbean which takes its theme from the film of the same name and Walt Disney Studios Park which invites visitors to see the behind-the-scenes process of Disney films.

3. Blue Lagoon (Iceland)

The best tourist attraction in the world, Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, with a score of 7.15/10.

The Blue Lagoon is located in a volcanic landscape area , where tourists can come to see the largest natural hot springs with characteristic turquoise water that looks like it holds magical powers that can cure diseases.

4. Plaza de Espana (Spain)

The best tourist destination in the world, Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana is a square in Madrid, Spain, with fountain gardens, gardens and pavilions that make this place look very beautiful.

It is so beautiful and famous that this place was used as a shooting location for the film Star Wars II in 2000 and as a backdrop for various world events, such as concerts , dramas and even fashion shows.

Based on the results of reviewing reviews left by tourists, Plaza de Espana received a score of 7.13/10 by Stasher. 

5. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat is listed as one of the best tourist destinations in the world

Angkor Wat is the only tourist destination in Southeast Asia that has made it onto Stasher’s list of the best tourist attractions in the world, with a score of 7.04/10.

This work of Khmer architecture has become an icon that the Cambodian people are proud of because it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Interestingly, at the  2023 SEA Games yesterday, this site was used as one of the locations for the cycling competition.

They did this on purpose so that the world could see the beautiful natural scenery of Angkor Wat with the backdrop of the Kulen mountains that surround Siem Rap.


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